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Support: Jack Grace 


GA standing room. All ages.

Accessible accommodations should purchase a General Admission ticket and will be taken care of at the venue day of event.

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toe is a Japanese music group. While mentioned in many post-rock circles, their song structure and dynamics are similar to many popular math rock artists.

toe is composed of Kashikura Takashi on drums, Mino Takaaki on guitar, Yamane Satoshi on bass guitar, and Yamazaki Hirokazu on guitar. Toe has formally played with this line-up since the band’s inception in 2000. They are currently one of three bands on the indie label Machu Picchu, along with the band mouse on the keys and Enemies.

The vast majority of the music is instrumental and features the swift and acute drumming of Takashi. The band is also known for its melodic, clean guitar settings. Additionally, the compositions have repetition from typical rock motifs, but use very subtle changes in beat and rhythm to form a unique sound. The band has changed their sound over their musical tenure by incorporating acoustic guitars, rhodes piano, and vibraphones in their most recent releases.

The band tours regularly in Japan, and can most notably be compared to acts such as Pele and The Album Leaf.

The beauty of their majestic music is that is sounds as if mystical harmonies and raw emotion is being churned out at the same time. Their explosive live performances have had fans across the globe spellbound. Their inspiring performance at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2010 has recently been the most memorable.
In December 2009 they released their new album "For Long Tomorrow" and in July 2010 they released their second DVD “CUT_DVD”.


Jack Grace

Combining the fluid, reconstructed beats of late-era British bass music with lush/dense harmonies, its been hard to miss Jack Graces singular production style vibrating through the Australian underground over the past 18 months.

Filtered through a prism of forward-thinking artists as well as his own releases, Graces surreal blend of hazy VHS soul and footwork beats first attracted attention with 2016s River, with his last single, All Lost championed by peers and tastemakers Flume, Nick Murphy and Kllo.

Jack Graces forthcoming collection, If I Tremble EP, marks him as an Australian producer not just to watch, but to feel. A study in solitude, its also the sound of discovering lightness through the dark. 

I dont have hangups about writing sad stuff because it was always something I related to when I was younger, Grace laughs.  It makes me feel good!

Its certainly not the first time Australias heard from the Newcastle-born musician, whose deft touch extended across multiple releases last year. As a producer, arranger and music director, Graces unique magic could be found underpinning new material from Ngairre (Blastoma), BUOY(Immersion + Break eps) and alongside fellow aural adventurer, Christopher Port.  

Having trained as a classical and jazz pianist from an early age, Jack Grace has always embraced his ability to pull at the edges of sound, falling somewhere between the sonic wizardry of James Blake and challenge of bandleaders like Bill Evans. 

Jazz players really affected the attitude in which I approached songs, where the harmony never becomes stagnant, he explains. You almost have to sit forward for a second [to get it], to me, theres so much beauty in that.

Written between Graces Sydney homes studio upstate New York and Marseille If I Trembles gorgeous experimentalism is likely to make even more listeners lean in and pay attention. Candid songwriting set to beats that draw you in, as only Jack Graces music can.


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