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Our show with Yasmine Hamdan on Monday, December 3rd has been moved from Warsaw to (Le) Poisson Rouge. All previously purchased tickets will be honored at the new venue. Tickets are still available for purchase through the LPR website.


Support: Caged Animals


GA standing room. All ages.

Accessible accommodations should purchase a General Admission ticket and will be taken care of at the venue day of event.

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Yasmine Hamdan

Ever  since  the  release  of  her  debut  solo  album  Ya  Nass  (2013),  Yasmine  Hamdan's  personal,  modern  take  on  Arabic  pop  has  been  getting  tremendous  attention  in  Europe  and  America,  as  well  as  in  North  Africa  and  the  Middle  East  (where  she's  enjoyed  iconic  stature  since  the  days  of  Soapkills,  the  duet  she  had  founded  in  Beirut,  which  was  one  of  the  first  indie/electronic  bands  in  the  Middle  East).

While  Yasmine's  vocals  are  definitely  connected  to  traditions  of  Arabic  music  (to  which  she  takes  an  unconventional  and  fresh  approach),  the  structures  and  arrangements  of  the  songs  are  very  remote  from  its  codes,  and  take  in  elements  from  contemporary  Western  electronic,  pop  and  folk  music.

Her  unique  vision  is  fully  realised  in  her  second  solo  album  "Al Jamilat"  ("The  Beautiful  Ones"),  which  she  jointly  produced  with  UK  producers  Luke  Smith  and  Leo  Abrahams,  and  recorded  with  contributions  from  NY  musicians  Shahzad  Ismaily  and  Sonic  Youth's  Steve  Shelley.


Caged Animals

Brooklyn’s Caged Animals are an indie-pop quintet led by singer-songwriter Vincent Cacchione and featuring Magali Charron, Talya Cacchione, Patrick Curry, and Dane Zarra.  Described by The New Yorker as a “hip-hop influenced Velvet Underground” and The Guardian as the perfect band to re-soundtrack Blue Velvet, Caged Animals defend the line between the timeless and cutting edge, while remaining direct, soulful, and uniquely unguarded.


On their new album, Escape Artist, Caged Animals have created a record reincarnated from a series of spiritually trying events.  On a go-for-broke US tour, the band’s van was robbed, and the only copy of the album’s original recordings vanished.  Only days before, Vin had learned his wife was pregnant with their first child and days later he would turn 30, entering a new phase of adulthood, flat-broke, and without his band’s new music. 


Vin turned 30 onstage at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory.  Playing music in front of their friends, family, and fans, he and the rest of Caged Animals summoned the courage to prevail.  They might be on a losing streak, but they would not lose their souls in the process.  The music began and new wounds began to fuse.  At home, Cacchione got back to work with a passionate fervor.  New songs flowed and a much stronger concept began to emerge.


Nine months later, Cacchione was a father twice over, and viewed his prior twist of bad luck as a blessing in disguise.  With his daughter Alaska in their railroad apartment, Vin, his wife Magali, and the rest of Caged Animals set out to record Escape Artist with as much grandeur as the home-studio could hold.  Alaska proved a faithful supporter, smiling joyously, and silently encouraging her parent’s music as it weaved it’s way to a brand new, used laptop.


Escape Artists’ 13 songs are built from these events, but draw musically from the character-driven narratives of Folk Music and the sonic exploration of contemporary Indie.  The result is artful, adult pop music that is both vulnerable and sonically detailed.  Its frame is timeless but its exterior is colorful and modern.


Lead single “Wildflowers” has already created a stir on streaming services and has been featured in the cult-classic radio drama Welcome To Night Vale, while its’ follow up “These Dark Times” is currently serving as the theme song to Webby-Award winning podcast Conversations With People Who Hate Me.


The album features the bands original lineup but benefits from the addition of avant-alto-saxophonist Chris Aiello (WFMU’s Prove It All Night), a ghostly, singing saw appearance by Julian Koster (Neutral Milk Hotel), beautiful choir direction by Andrew Hoepfner (Houseworld), and the haunting pedal steel of Jon “Catfish” DeLorme (Psychic Ills). 


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