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Terror Jr

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Support: Kossisko


GA standing room. All ages.

Accessible accommodations should purchase a General Admission ticket and will be taken care of at the venue day of event.

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Terror Jr 

Finding the sweet spot between self-deprecation and extreme overconfidence, Terror Jr spent the last year creating an album they wish they had growing up. Now they are bringing Unfortunately, Terror Jr to a city near you.




When Kossisko first burst onto the scene as 100s -- a slick-talking, perm-wearing rapper in the lineage of Too $hort and Snoop Dogg -- his charisma was immediately captivating. The pimp rapper pesona, and the '70s-inspired aesthetic, that the Berkeley-born artist refined on 2012's Ice Cold Perm and 2014's IVRY earned him a cult fan base that clung to his every gamed-laced word. But, in the midst of this success, he began to feel boxed in and disconnected from the role he'd created. "I hit a ceiling and I couldn't express myself how I wanted to," he says now. "I didn't want to be playing a character."

In 2015, Kossisko set out on a divergent course, adopting his given first name as his moniker and exploring other influences that ranged from Prince to Marilyn Manson. "I never say never but I didn't think I was ever going to rap again," he remembers. "You burn out on that and it's like, 'Now what?' There's so many other aspects of yourself that you've never explored or ever felt comfortable enough to explore." His early work as Kossisko were trial-and-error experiments from an artist still processing where he'd been and where he wanted to go.

A creative breakthrough came when he met his producer Cole MGN, a fellow Bay Area native who previously worked with Beck, Ariel Pink, Dam-Funk, and more. They began searching for the best way to bring together all of Kossisko's disparate musical stylings into a mixture that felt true to the highs and the lows, the ego and the vulnerability, that he'd been trying to set to music. For the 25-year-old, that meant a return to rapping. "Rediscovering how I would even rap again and approach some of these subjects was a big ass hurdle," Kossisko says. "It was therapeutic to get to that point."

The result of their work over the past two years is Low, a collection of songs that show both the depths of Kossisko's psyche and the commanding range of his vocal abilities. More than anything, the project feels like a natural combination of everything that got him to this point, all his influences and inclinations shining through to create something completely his own. "It took awhile for me to figure out how to incorporate all the parts of myself" he says. "I don't feel like I had to filter anything. It's just me and where I'm at right now."


Please see our enhanced venue safety guidelines:


Face coverings are MANDATORY and must be worn at all times except while eating and drinking.


Only the following bags are allowed:
Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags (maximum size: 12"x6"x12")
Small clutch bags approximately the size of a hand (maximum size 4.5"x6.5")

One gallon clear plastic freezer bags (will be provided if needed)
When available, additional clear bags meeting the above criteria may be available for sale at the venue.


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